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Work chair / 24-hour seat

Comfort headrest

PILOT STANDARD is developed with high demands on seating comfort and ergonomics. The chair is specially developed for those of you who sit a lot or have back problems. It is also extra cupped in the back, which means that it gives a more embracing feeling over the back when you sit in it and provides more side support. PILOT STANDARD is a technically advanced chair and equipped with a number of features. Adjustable rocking mechanism that allows varying seating positions, backrest adjustment, gas spring mechanism for stepless height adjustment, adjustable armrests and headrests and adjustable lumbar support.

Available in: Black fabric, Black imitation leather, Black leather. Available as an option in any color. Also available as an option for personal embroidery (eg company logo)

NOTE : The chair is always delivered with standard armrests, standard headrests and lumbar support. (Headrest and armrest comfort are available as an option)

Delivery time: 2-4 working days.

More information

  • Certified for weights up to 350Lbs = 158kg.

  • Certified for 24h use.

  • Lumbar support.

  • backrest adjustment.

  • 2 year warranty.

  • Seat height 44-53 cm.

  • Stepless height adjustment.

  • Weight control in the mechanism.

  • Wheel base in aluminum.

For price, quote and more questions please contact us.

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