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AG Seating

Your supplier of ergonomics, quality and seating comfort.
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AG Seating started in 2020 and is the exclusive distributor of Ergoseat work chairs / 24-hour chairs.


  With several years of experience in the field, we have become very good at what we do. We know how important it is to have a work chair that is ergonomically correctly designed and has a high seating comfort and quality when you spend a lot of your time sitting. With a properly designed work chair, you significantly reduce the risk of strain injuries.

These chairs are not something that can be compared to a regular office chair. These are specially designed to maintain an extraordinary quality, high seating comfort and be ergonomically designed. they are suitable for you who work in a guard room, call center or in a similar workplace where there is a need for a work chair / 24-hour chair. In recent years, however, it has become very common that they are also used as ordinary office chairs, as many workplaces have realized what a difference it makes and how important it is to have a proper and ergonomically designed work chair.  

When you choose a chair from AG Seating, you can be sure that you get a chair of high quality and seating comfort. Our work chairs are both tested and approved.

We are known among our customers for our good service and short delivery times.

Get in touch and we will tell you more about what we can offer for you and your company.


All chairs are made with high demands on ergonomics. We know how important it is and what a difference it does with an ergonomic right designed work chair or driver's seat.


Both Isringhausen and Pilot Seats are known for producing only products of the absolute highest quality. All our products also undergo a quality control. 


For us, it is incredibly important to offer chairs with a high level of seating comfort. Our suppliers are carefully selected and only offer products with high comfort. 

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