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Service and Repair

With a continuous service of your work chair, you give the chair a longer durability.

At AG Seating, in addition to our quality chairs, we also offer repair and service of work chairs / 24-hour chairs. We can offer both service agreements and individual service opportunities.

With a continuous service on your work chairs, you can extend the durability and save on unnecessary expenses, such as having to buy brand new chairs. In most cases, a service or repair is a cheaper option than buying a brand new chair.







We come to you for service of the chair

We at AG Seating can come to you for service and repair of your chair / chairs. We can repair office chairs / work chairs on site for your convenience. Whether it is service of the chair or if you need to replace parts.

Sometimes it can be difficult to bring guard chairs for service to another place. Then let us at AG Seating come to you instead and help you where it suits you best.

We have the opportunity to offer service on work chairs all over Sweden with certain exceptions. There may also be cost surcharges for longer trips.  

For a longer life on your work chair

Guard chairs, 24-hour chairs and work chairs are chairs that are well used. Chairs you sit in for many hours, which causes a lot of wear on these chairs.

If you have a regular service on these chairs, you extend the life of the chair significantly. Checking and cleaning your chair means that the chair can last for an incredible number of years and function flawlessly.

Servicing a chair instead of buying a new one is also better for the environment. Taking care of products you have and keeping them in the best condition so that they last year after year is more sustainable.

We help you keep your chairs in the best possible condition, so you can sit back, avoid worrying and sit comfortably. We extend the durability of the chairs for you.

Spare parts for work chairs

On our website you will find most spare parts and accessories for the chairs that we manufacture. You can either replace a broken part or update your chair with a new headrest, armrests etc.

We can help you with the right products and parts for your chair. We have very fast delivery for spare parts and accessories. Delivery time is 1-3 days. If you sign a service agreement, we offer a 30% discount on the parts. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.











Several years of experience in service and repair

With several years of experience in building work chairs and repairing them, we can offer you a correct and approved service and repair. In our hands, your guard chairs, 24-hour chairs, office chairs or work chairs are in the best custody.

With our experience of building these chairs, we have incredibly good insight into how the chairs are built and what needs to be repaired on your chair. We have a very good reputation among our customers for our good service.

Service agreement on work chairs

With us at AG Seating, you can choose whether you want a service agreement or if you want service on individual occasions. If you want service without an agreement, you are welcome to contact us for a quote.

With our agreement, you get service on your chair 1-2 times a year (or whatever suits you) and service the chairs freely. You can choose whether you want to add this to a fixed monthly, quarterly or annual cost. The cost is based on how extensive work the chairs need and the number of chairs.

In the event of a replacement of parts, we offer a 30% discount on these occasions. We perform service on most work chairs. Contact us to see if we service your particular chair.

AG Seating- because we care about you

For us, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to the manufacture of our work chairs and this also applies when it comes to customer relationships. We want to create good and long-term relationships with our customers.

We have staff with several years of experience in the field who have a primary focus on giving you as skilled service and help as possible. You as a customer are very important to us.

As a distributor of high quality ergonomic work chairs / 24-hour chairs, we have a broad knowledge of the chairs. This, combined with our long experience, means that you as a customer receive a service beyond the ordinary.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us and we will tell you more about what we can offer for you and your company. We develop a service agreement or a solution that works for you. You can reach us by phone, email or our contact form.

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