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Ergonomic work chairs of high quality and seating comfort.

We are an exclusive reseller of Work Chairs / 24-hour chairs

About us

AG Seating is a distributor of ergonomic work chairs of high quality and seating comfort, also called 24-hour chairs / guard chairs. As an exclusive supplier of these work chairs, we mainly turn to corporate customers and resellers. Our goal is to create long-term and good relationships with our customers. With us, you get help from staff with several years of experience in the field. Our primary focus is to provide you as a customer with a service beyond the ordinary. You as a customer are most important to us!

We come to you for service of the chair

At AG Seating, we come to you for service and repair of your chair / chairs. We can repair office chairs / work chairs on site for your convenience. Whether it concerns servicing the chair or if you need to change parts.

Sometimes it can be difficult to bring guard chairs for service to another location. Then let us at AG Seating come to you instead and help you where it suits you best.

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Stress injuries are probably the biggest work environment problem in the western world. In Sweden, it is estimated that almost 1.5 million people work daily in stressful work positions, and a quarter of them say that they experience problems. Every year, around 14,000 new stress injuries are reported.

One way to prevent these injuries from occurring in workplaces where you are sedentary is to use an ergonomically designed work chair. In a simple way, you can make it easier for the body and keep the body in the right position instead of loading incorrectly and obliquely and incurring tedious defects in, for example, back, shoulders, arms and neck.

Load damage

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At AG Seating, we only offer our customers products that are of the absolute highest quality. We work daily to ensure that our products meet our requirements.

Our suppliers are carefully selected and all receive only products of the highest quality.


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We at AG Seating are known for our good service. Our customers should always feel secure that they can contact us and know that they receive quick and professional help and that we put them in focus.

Our goal is to always have short delivery times for both chairs and spare parts / accessories.


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